Cordends / -locks

Cord locks, cord ends and elastic cord/bungee cord, give fashionable products a sportive look. Butonia-Kahage Group offers a broad collection of different materials, shapes and sizes. Most commonly used products are made from metal, nylon, acetal or rubber; these are available in buttons and/or buckles as a set. Cord locks are very suitable for sportive sweaters, sports clothing, children’s clothing, jackets, bags and shoes in combination with elastic or non-elastic cord.

A cord end serves as a practical addition to the cord or elastic being used.

We can supply elastic cord in various thicknesses, in approximately 90 colors, partly from stock.
We produce the non-elastic cord of different materials on request.

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  • Cordend 6106
  • Cordend 6131
  • Cordend 6108
  • Cordend 6128
  • Cordend 5589
  • Cordend 5611
  • cordend 2162
  • Cordend 2168
  • Cordend 5317
  • Cordend 5368
  • Cordend 2167
  • Cordend 2149
  • P 1100099
  • P 1100100
  • P 1100102