Butonia-Kahage Group offers several other products beyond its standard collection:

Hooks and eyes -  Ascolite® yarn -  Zips -  Belts

Hooks and eyes - sewable

Sewable hook and bars are beautiful, nearly invisible closures for blouses, knitted vests, fur coats, cloaks and capes. Available in different shapes and many sizes, mostly made from metal wire or punched out from metal, in many metal colours.
Products made from synthetic materials can be painted in your choice of colour.

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Hooks and eyes for trousers

A perfect locking system and the best choice for fastening trousers for men, women and children, for workwear and sportswear and for technical articles.
An old proverb says: ‘If a garment fits the waist, then the customer will be satisfied.’
Butonia-Kahage Group offers different types of hooks and eyes in several metal colours.
We also supply machines to attach hooks and eyes with technical support from our team.
All our products satisfy the European standards and requirements of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX

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Ascolite® yarn

Almost forty years ago, a swiss chemical engineer called PhD André Schaerer Ascolite® developed a system that prevented button yarns from loosening. Ascolite® has since then been continuously further developed and automated, which allows the button yarns to be thermally wrapped and secured within a time of less than a second. It is no luxury to use Ascolite®, but it is a convincing quality feature and selling point for you as a clothing manufacturer.
Butonia-Kahage Group offers the best service as a distributor in Europe and other countries.

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Butonia-Kahage-Group complete the service with a range of zips.
he product range consists of polyester spiral zips, metal and moulded zips, two-way, closed or open ended with several kinds of zip pullers, which can be supplied with your own logo. 
Our zips satisfy all European standards like the regulations for AZO compounds, nickel, DMFA, cadmium and phthalates etc. They are not only suited for the clothing industry but for the technical sector as well.

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Butonia-Kahage Group has a competitive collection of belts for women's and children's clothing. Basics for every day, belts with punched decorations, playful prints or metallic colours are a good accessory for every outfit. The qualities are aesthetically pleasing and extremely versatile with variations of buckles of metal and synthetic materials.
Our products satisfy all European standards like the regulations for AZO compounds, nickel, DMFA, cadmium, phthalates and to the highest requirements of well-known fashion brands.

Contact our sales team for more information.

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