Snap fasteners

The first snap fastener was patented in Germany in 1885, but only went into production in 1903. The market has since been enriched with a very different kind of clasp: a garment can be closed invisibly with a ‘male’ and ‘female’ part. This, in combination with a visible cap fitting, gives clothing a very sportive appearance.

Snap fasteners have a wide application; we have a suitable style for every type of clothing ranging from metal soft snaps for baby and children’s clothing to metal strong snaps for heavy work wear.
We offer the caps, with or without your logo, in different materials, shapes and colours.
The under parts are mainly made of metal and available in several colours.

  • Press 5833
  • Press 5825
  • Press 5828
  • Press 5812
  • Press magneet sluiting
  • Press 1100095
  • Press 1100096
  • Press 122453
  • Press 1100198
  • Press 1120008

Snap fasteners completly made of polyacetal are particularly suitable for work clothes with high hygienic requirements.
In addition to many basic colors, we also produce colors according to your wishes.
We advise wear-resistant ‘Pull-the-Dot’ snaps for heavy work clothes. (For more informations look at technical snapfasteners.)

For all our snapfasteners we supply assembly tools and on request the machines.

Our products satisfy all European standards such as the requirements for the use of AZO-dyes, nickel, cadmium, phthalates and the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification.

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